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BOSCHERT - Safety Chuck Specialists

CASSO-SOLAR - Infrared Processing Equipment

DEUBLIN - Rotating Unions for Steam, Air, Water, Vacuum & Hot Oil

DYNAPAR - Encoders

EMT INTERNATIONAL - Air Shafts, Chucks, Slitter Holders, Slitter Position Systems

HADRONICS - Rollers and cylinders for printing and packaging industries

HARDEDGE TOOL, INC. - Industrial razor blades for film, foil and paper slitting

LEVER MANUFACTURING CORP. - Single Knife Roll Slitters

MENZEL - A-Frame and complete Roll Handling system

MONTALVO - Brakes, Clutches, Parts and Friction Pads, Tension Controls

TILT-LOCK - Roll Handling Systems, Core Chucks, Varispace Chucks


WEB SYSTEMS, INC. - Static Elimination, Static Generation, Web Cleaning   



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