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                   EMT International, Inc. designs and manufactures the highest quality custom core holding products for every winding application.

Our advanced products include air-actuated lug, leaf, and multi-bladder shafts and chucks. Plus pneumatic-mechanical chucks and mechanical shafts are available. Have a special application? Let our experienced engineers design a core chuck or core shaft product to fit your needs.



                    Multi-Bladder Shafts & Chucks

 EMT's Lightweight Pneumatic Multi-Bladder Series Shaft has a light weight aluminum  extruded body and is equipped with multiple gripping lugs positioned symmetrically around the shaft body. Each lug has an expandable bladder underneath it.  When the bladders are inflated, the lugs extend out of the shaft body and grip the core.  The lugs run the length of the shaft body making this shaft ideal for narrow or multiple narrow rolls.  As an option, the shaft can be equipped with a rotating union for continuous air supply.  Each shaft is custom made to your specific requirementsEMT's Multi-Bladder Shaft.


Multi-Bladder Air Shaft


                  EMT Standard Lug Shafts and Lug Chucks

EMT lug-style air shafts are ideal for general purpose and high torque core holding applications. Made in sizes from 1 through 10, the shaft body can be manufactured of steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber with free-floating lugs. This design eliminates the need for springs which could break and puncture the bladder. Customized to fit your machine, the precision, heat-treated journals have a close tolerance straight fit into the shaft body which allows for easier repair compared to shafts with tapered journals. EMT's three-week, known as QuickShip, delivery is available for standard 3" lug-style shafts.

EMT International lug-style chucks are ideal for adapting a shaft to run multiple core sizes. Made in sizes from 3 through 10, EMT chucks feature free-floating lugs; a design that eliminates springs which could break and puncture the bladder or jam the lugs inside the chuck body. The bi-directional lugs grip the core with rotation in either direction.





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