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Deublin Unions

We Have The Largest Stock of Rotating Unions on the East Coast! Let us know what your needs are.
Deublin Rotating Unions Standard Deublin Rotating Unions - Precision Rotating Connections for Water, Steam, Air, Hydraulic, Vacuum, Coolant & Hot Oil Service.

A rotating union is a special and unique product because it must often be capable of containing very high pressures, while rotating at very high speeds.  This is only possible through the close to perfect mating of the seal faces. These micro-lapped seals must rotate smoothly and easily with minimum friction to assure long life and not leak. At Deublin these critical requirements are met by a combination of exclusive design principles, the most modern machining techniques, and a step-by-step program of inspection and testing to assure that every rotating union meets our tough quality standard.

Deublin Cutaway showing design featuresExclusive Deublin Design Features

There was a time before Deublin's advancements in seal design when rotating unions were referred to as "pressure joints."

This name came from the pressure seal principle used to maintain seal contact.   On the surface the theory seems sound.  After all, the logic was as pressure increased, so did the forces holding the seals together. More pressure should equal tighter, better sealing. However, more pressure on the rotating seal face also means more friction, higher torque and more wear.  That's why Deublin developed "Balanced Sealing."  This simply means the load or pressure on the seal faces is kept to a minimum regardless of media pressure, resulting in a freer turning union and longer seal life.  The spring loaded floating seal is keyed so that it cannot rotate or creep as this can cause premature failure of the O-ring or TFE wedge, resulting in a leaking union.

Deublin Rotating Unions have an endless variety of applications and can accommodate a wide range of materials, viscosities, temperatures and pressures.

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